Frequently asked questions (and answers):

Why this database? As I started to collect games, especially shooters, I only had a NES and a Commodore 64. Over the years I bought other consoles and home computers and was puzzling, if the game xyz is available for the new platform either and if this version is better or not. Also, there were some Japanese / US releases, who're harder to find and so I started this list. As you can see, there are over 700 titles in the database, so it's good to have these compacted infos.

Why there are no reviews? No time. I'm running a few more websites and I have no time to write reviews. On the other hand I think you should make your own picture of the games. You'll loose fun when you've seen the best screens and actions before!

Why is there at least one picture in such a small size? As I started to list my shooters online (back in 1996) I only had a small webspace (2 MB AOL Account) so there wasn't enough room for big pictures. Meanwhile the database is very big and many people have access to the site which makes a lot of traffic. This is the reason why the pictures are in a small size til now.

Why Barrax Empire? The title is from a classic amiga game called >> Battle Squadron - The Destruction Of The Barrax Empire << which is one of my favourite shoot-em-ups til now. It was the sequel to Hybris, the first game with real arcade feeling on a home computer (imo) and was my reason to buy an Amiga back in 1988. If you don't know these two games you've missed something!

Where can I find the roms? Barrax Empire is a legal site, you'll never find any games for download here, sorry.


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