Useful Equipment:

To make our life (the shooter's of course!) easier, there are a few useful "weapons" around. Take a look at the pictures and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I own this Arcade stick back in 1991 (it was an offer from the "Bazar" of the German magazine "Aktueller Software Markt". It's a very stabile Joyboard, the surface's material is sheet metal and the stick is alive and kicking after 10 years! For CBM/ATARI.


The Sidewinder Pad from Fire is also a fine stick for the use with the NES/SNES and the GENESIS Consoles.


This one is the ultimate Arcade stick, manufactured from NAMCO itself and an absolutely must have for shootin' fans. Very stabile sheet metal. For PLAYSTATION only.


The Sticktuner was a special equipment for CBM/ATARI systems, with autofire, slow mode and much more.

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