Barrax Empire, eh? - Yes folks, there's a sense behind the title. Battle Squadron and Hybris - two of the best shoot 'em ups on the Amiga and my favourite shooters til now!

Here's an overview about these masterpieces (I'm trying to add more informations in the future):

Battle Squadron - The Destruction Of The Barrax Empire

- that's where the title of this website came from - released on Amiga and Sega Genesis, was the successor of Hybris.

Hybris was the first "real" arcade shooter for the Amiga and was published by Discovery Software, 1988. It has superb graphics and sound for that time and it was done by the genius duo Martin Pedersen (programming) and Torben Larsen (graphics, also known for the Amiga Title "Sword Of Sodan").


TIME: 2461 A.D. "Hello, Brave Commander..." You are fighter pilot assigned to the space station HYBRIS. The mission: reestablish communications with a remote earth colony that has been stranded on a far-away planet and overcome by treacherous, alien forces. There is no time to lose. Your scout ship is ready, roaring with power. If you survive, you will captain the most powerful fighting ship ever built. The battle is fierce and the stakes are incredibly high. Just when you have finally found the earth colony, the alarm sounds again!

Battle wave after wave of alien invaders as you cross terrible seas, jagged mountains and parched desert plains

Blast through vertical, smooth scrolling levels featuring unparalleled graphics, sound and playability

Search and destroy special targets to give your scout ship added dimensions - extra fire power, extra missiles, an invincible mode and more!

Change the level of difficulty - novices as well as experts can experience a new dimension of shoot 'em up arcade action!

They say that you're brave.
Now you must prove it.

Here are the whole credits for the Game:

Martin B. Pedersen

Torben B. Larsen

Map Editor Coding:
Torben B. Larsen
Soeren Groenbech

Diskdrive Coding:
Rick Ross

Game Design:
Torben B. Larsen
Martin B. Pedersen
Viet Nguyen
Andy Hook

Paul van der Valk

Product Manager:
Rick Ross

Further Informations about the crew:
Soeren Groenbech did also "Sword Of Sodan". Rick Ross worked on "Arkanoid".

If you have further information on one of the above, please let me know.


to be continued...


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